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Estimation and cost calculation

Tunnelling and underground constructions can be executed by different excavation methods such as cyclic heading with tunnel excavator and/or drill and blast or by continuous mechanical heading with road header or tunnel boring machine. Thereby drifts for tunnels of infrastructure projects, galleries, shafts and caverns can be realized. The accurate attainment of geological conditions is as essential as skills about allocation of equipment, materials and human resources.

Services of INTERTUNNEL - Blindow & Partner Consulting in summary 

Within the range of estimation and cost calculation there are many facets being divided in different fields.

First of all during tender estimation stage a contract and design check with respect to technical and legal contract items is made identifying hazards and chances. The results of this verification will be documented traceably in order to be considered in the tender costs.

During design check the tender documents are proved regarding potential mistakes, deviations compared to the BoQ contents and practicability in execution. Besides we also check project quantities and possibilities of alternative proposals as well as we assist our clients elaborating economically favourable variants.

The selection of suitable and high-capacity equipment is apart from employment of experienced personnel decisive for a successful tunnel heading. The most important tunnelling machinery and equipment consists of excavators with ripper bucket, coal picks or road headers with cross or longitudinal cutter head, automatic drilling jumbos, shotcrete manipulators, wheel loaders, dumpers, lifting platforms, conveyor belts and TBM’s in their different types. For inner lining alternatively steel formworks and concrete pumps or precast segments are applied.

A project specific optimization of tunnelling equipment is part of the basis for cost calculation.

Further we determine cycle times for each excavation class based on the single activities per attack and long standing experience.

The precisely determined daily advance rates are the foundation for the time schedule of excavation works and for overhead costs as well as for application of equipment and manpower.

We assist our clients in preparation and optimization of construction sequences as path-time diagrams showing work steps and resources in their dependencies to each other.

For our detailed cost calculations we use interface capable software meeting the normative demands.


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